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Image credit: Luis Llerena

Image credit: Luis Llerena

I’ve lost count of the amount of conversations I’ve had with friends and colleagues that have gone something along these lines…

When asked if we have any holidays or travel plans lined up, I usually answer with a few general thoughts on x,y or z that I have on the horizon. Sometimes they are big, sometimes not. But almost always I am met with a slightly awe tinged response ‘wow, I’m so jealous’ or ‘I wish I could do that’.

My answer is always the same,you know, you can do that too, you just need to change your priorities and you can make it happen’.

When met with the inevitable questions about how we manage to afford our travel plans or how we manage to save so much, I seem to have a reasonably set response too, ‘you just do, you only buy what you need, you go without, you make it work, you just do’.

So, considering I’ve been saying this reasonably consistently for the past 11 years, why is it that I never thought to apply this to a few of my other ideas? I only really started reading blogs in 2013, and was fascinated by this idea of being a digital nomad or having a location independent lifestyle.

More recently I’ve started to really humor the idea that maybe, just maybe, I could do that too. Of course this has led to the usual fears or resistance or self-doubt, whatever you want to call them.

  • There’s no way I could do that
  • I don’t write
  • No one would want to read what I have to say
  • No one is going to read that shit
  • It’s just the really lucky ones who can make it work
  • There are too many people doing it really well already, how could I compete?

These thoughts have been circling in and out of consciousness for quite a while and slowly (very slowly), I’ve started challenging them.

You Just do - Believe

Recently I made the decision to take a small leap and purchase the Paradise Pack 2015. Filled with resources from people who have done this, (and made it work!).

I thought to myself, ‘who better to offer advice than these people. It’s a reasonably small amount of money, and if it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out, if I even use a few of the books it will have been worth it.’

I explored a few of the resources and decided one in particular sounded like a good place to start. Tom Ewer’s Paid to Blog course. I started reading the resources and watched one of his exclusive interviews (with Sophie Lizard of beafreelanceblogger) and again, a few more challenges to those self-conscious thoughts started to happen; was it, could it possibly be a tiny light of confidence I was building?

Around this time one of my amazing blogging friends Tash Sciotto of Health you, happy me also came out with a post – You Can Have That Too. And I’m not sure what started it, or what it was that tipped the boat, but it suddenly slid into place.

I have been ignoring my own advice for so many years, never thinking that it could apply to anything else but planning for trips or moving overseas.

So, in the spirit of this revelation, however obvious it seems to have been, it’s time to give this a go. Because, if you just change your priorities, if you know you really want something, you make it work.

You Just Do.

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