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Your Everday Nomads

Somewhere off Phuket, Thailand late 2008

More about your Everyday Nomads

The 75-word short story:
Raised in different parts of beautiful North Queensland, met at University (Brisbane 2004), resisted each other, fell madly in love, lived together, finished university (2007 & 2008), worked, saved, packed up, moved to London (2010), worked, played, ate, drank and travelled Europe, moved to Brisbane (2012), lived, worked, played, ate, drank, saved and left (2014) to travel (Australia, UK, Turkey, Nepal, India, China, Hong Kong, Canada, USA) en-route to now living in beautiful Vancouver (Canada)…

Mick and Tahlee in the Yukon, 2015

In Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory, Canada mid July 2015

 The Long(er) Story:
 Coming soon… (we hope)… (we promise)…

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