The mid-year review!

Last day of June 2016Wow. I can’t believe it’s the last day of June.

Six months in to 2016 and, I was about to say it wasn’t one our most exciting six months, but looking back it’s definitely up there with the best. And importantly, a far cry from the struggles of 2015.

To offer a snapshot, we started the year off in Seattle, one-half enjoyed a change in jobs in February, which also included a family visit, double birthday celebrations, snowboarding Grouse Mountain and a long weekend in Vegas (with a long but amazing drive to Grand Canyon National Park). We’ve had various friends fly in to stay and play, spent Easter in Victoria, went camping and hiking in Squamish, spent an amazing few days exploring LA and Santa Monica, flew to Portland for a weekend to meet up with friends, and more recently spent time with mates in Chilliwack (yep that’s a place).

We also bought some old road bikes and have since spent many a weekend exploring greater Vancouver on two wheels (and finding a bunch of new breweries in the process).

Add regularly yoga, frisbee golf, hiking, eating, weekly drinking (and running) sessions with the Hash House Harriers and monthly puzzle and pint nights, all the while meeting new people, and it’s hard to say 2016 hasn’t been fun.

Don’t get me wrong, there has also been a ton of work, low-moments, restless nights, wishes of more sleep and nothing times in between, but we’re certainly making more effort to connect, find our place and embrace this flaky city.

So now, in the lead up to tomorrow and the next/last six months of 2016, I can only hope the fun, hard work, travel and awesome-people meeting continues as it has done in the first half.

Tomorrow is also Canada Day, so I wish a happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and those living across this great country. As for the rest of you, see you all in the future!

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