Who are the Everyday Nomads?

Hi, we’re Mick and Tahlee.

Mick and Tahlee

We’ve been on the road on and off for the last six years; travelling, working and experiencing as much of this great big world as we can.

We’re travellers, partners, best friends, professionals, food addicts, lovers of running and beer, and we enjoy nothing more than the freedom of being on the road. Whether we’re setting up our lives in a new country, off on a weekend trip, enjoying a beer or two at a local, trekking Nepal, running trails through forests, driving down the East Coast of Australia or trying to catch some sleep on an Indian train, we work hard and live to have fun.

Welcome to our website, Everyday Nomads!


Travel and life experiences are our priority. It’s as simple as that. We don’t have a mortgage, we don’t splurge on clothing or ‘stuff’. We eat, we drink, we run, we work and we travel.

To us, every day is an adventure, and this blog is our way of capturing our life experiences, and a record of our transition from working and travelling, to working while travelling.

What now?


We have big dreams and goals for building our ideal life, and as we share our experiences and straight up advice with you, we hope it will inspire you to also live a life that you love. We want to show you that when you set your mind and your heart on something, anything is possible. If we can do it, anyone can.

Whether you are travelling solo, with friends, as a couple or in a group, everyone’s experiences are different, and that’s what makes travel so amazing and so exciting – you are guaranteed to have an adventure like no one else.

The decision to pack up your lives and leave your family and friends to travel and live abroad is definitely daunting, but it may be one of the most rewarding decisions of your lives. It was for us.

Our mission with this website is to help you stop wondering, and start wandering. We did it, we are doing it. So can you.

Hopefully we’ll see you on the road somewhere.

Mick & Tahlee


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